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Equity FAQ’s

Getting Started

  1. 1.How do I become an online customer with Motilal Oswal?
    In order to start placing an order in Equities online, you will have to become a registered client of ours. All you have to do is open an online account with us. Once your account is activated, you can place your orders completely online.
    To open your online account, you may call our Customer Care Executives on 022 30738000 or kindly fill up the online form. Alternatively you may contact our branches to open your account.
  2. 2.What accounts need to be opened to avail the online trading facility?
    Placing orders in Equities/derivatives couldn't get easier. With our integrated 3-in-1 Account, you can buy/sell shares with the click of a few buttons. What's more, you can use this account to apply for IPO's and also Mutual Funds online. Our sales personnel will open your online trading and Demat Account, which will be linked to your Savings Bank Account.
    Please Note:

    Seamless and instantaneous transfer of funds can be made possible if you have Internet Banking Facility with either of the banks - (ABN Amro,Allahabad Bank,AXIS Bank,Bank of Baroda Corporate NetBanking,Bank of Baroda Retail NetBanking,City Union Bank,Corporation Bank,Deutsche Bank,Federal Bank Ltd,HDFC BANK,ICICI BANK,IDBI Bank,Indian Overseas Bank,IndusInd bank,Jammu & Kashmir Bank,Karnataka Bank,Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd,Oriental Bank of commerce,Punjab National Bank- Retail NetBanking,South Indian Bank,Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank Ltd,Union Bank of India,YES Bank,Bank of India,Central Bank of India,CITI Bank,Kotak Bank,Punjab National Bank- Corporate NetBanking)
  3. What are the documents that are required to open an online account?
     The following are the list of documents required:

    a.Proof of Identity – Copy of PAN Card

    b.Proof of Address – Copy of any one of the following (Self Attested)

        • Passport
        • Ration card
        • Voter’s ID
        • Driving license
        • Electricity bill (not more than 2 months old)
        • Landline Telephone Bill (not more than 2 months old)
        • Bank Pass Book

    c. Bank Proof – Copy of Bank Pass Book or Personalized Cheque leaf (For Existing Bank Account Holders Only)

    d. 3 Photographs.

  4. How soon will my account be opened once I have submitted the relevant documents?
    After you have submitted the relevant documents, we will send you the Welcome Kit with details of your Client Id, passwords and User Manual within 7 working days.  

Investing Online: Logging Into Your Trade Engine

  1. What are the basic system requirements to trade online?
    For an optimum trading experience, we suggest the following pre-requisites as basic requirements:

    * To know how to check above details on your PC, click on “Recommended Settings” on the login page onlinetrade.motilaloswal.com
  2. How do I get started with the online trading product?
    To start investing online with us, please follow the steps mentioned below:

    a) Kindly fill in the User Name, your Login & Trade Password.
    b) Click on Submit
    Please Note: The Passwords are case sensitive. Hence “A” is different from “a”.
    c) Once you have done this, you will be led to a page where you will be displayed the name of your product - Easy or Spectrum. Please click on the applicable product to proceed further.

Downloading SUN JAVA to enable Market Watch

  1. 1. My Market watch does not show live streaming quotes.What do I do?
    In order to get live streaming quotes on your Market Watch, you need to have Sun Java installed. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below:
    Login to your account with the User Id and Passwords. Click on the tab - DOWNLOAD SUN JAVA.

    Sun Java web page will be displayed click on “Agree and start Free Download”.

    Click on Run.

    Installation in process. Don’t click on Cancel.

    Click on Run

    Click on Install

    Takes few minutes based on your internet connectivity speed.

    Sun Java installation completed successfully. Click on Close.

    Once Sun Java is installed as mentioned above Market Watch will get displayed with live streaming quotes. If you encounter any difficulty in above installation call our Customer Helpline 022-67490600 / 39982515 or mail us on query@motilaloswal.com

Creating A Market Watch
  1. How do I create a new Market Watch?
    You may create multiple Market watches (maximum 3) of your choice. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below:
    Click on the button New.

    A small window will open up where you may select the Exchange and enter the name of your Market Watch. Click on Ok.

    After creating a new Market Watch, you may add a maximum of 50 scrips to it.

  2. How do I add columns to a market watch?
    To add more columns to your market watch, please right click on the heading of any column cell in the grid. On the new window that opens up, select - Insert Column.

    You will be shown a window as displayed below

    Choose the name of the columns that you wish to add to your Market Watch and then click on Add. Click on Ok.
    The names of the new columns will get added to the Market watch.
  4. How do I save the Market Watch for future references?
    Once you have made your desired market watch, you may save the Watch list for the future by clicking anywhere in the Market Watch. A small window will open up where you can choose the option Save Settings.
  5. How do I delete scrips from my market watch?
    You can delete scrips from your market watch by right clicking on the scrip and then choosing the option Delete Security/Contract.
  6. How do I delete a Market Watch that I had created earlier?
    To delete a Market Watch, please click on the tab Delete as shown below.

    Once you have done this, a new window will be displayed as shown below.

    Click on Yes to Delete the Market watch.

    Please Note: You can create a maximum of 5 Market Watches at any given time. So you will have to delete one of the older Market Watches if you want to create a new one.

Tracking /Adding Scrips
  1. How do I add a scrip to my Market watch?
    Easy Account Holders, click here to know more.
    Spectrum Account Holders, click here to know more

Placing Orders: Buy/Sell
  1. How do I Buy a particular scrip?
    Easy Account Holders, please click here
    Spectrum Account holders, please click here
  2. How do I Sell a particular scrip?
    Similar to the Buying process, select the scrip that you wish to sell from the search symbol. On the Order Form, at the bottom of the page, choose SELL from the drop down as shown below. Immediately the color of the form will change to Red. Enter the quantity and set a price (You may choose the market price or set a price of your own).
    Click on SELL button.

    Alternatively, Spectrum account holders can right click on a particular scrip in their watch list and choose SELL option or just click on F2 key after choosing a scrip. On the next confirmation screen, click on YES, PLACE THE ORDER to proceed further. Once your order has been placed you will be shown an acknowledgement message with order reference number.
  3. How do I place an After Market Order(AMO)?
    After Market Orders (AMOs) are orders that you can place even after the close of market hours. To place AMO in a share, all you have to do is choose the scrip that you wish to buy/sell and then specify the quantity, the price, the product type and then tick on the box AMO as shown below.

    Please note that AMO's cannot being placed during regular market hours and the price that you set in an AMO needs to be a limit price which is within 5 % up or down range of previous day's closing price (not market price, hence please don't set price as zero). For e.g. If closing price of XYZ scrip is Rs.100/- then AMO for XYZ scrip will be anywhere in the range of Rs.105/- on upper side and Rs.95/- on the lower side. After Market Orders hit the Exchange on the next day morning and will be executed only if the limit price set by you matches the market price on the next day and upon availability of sufficient margins. You may cancel your After Market Orders (AMOs) from the Order Book screen.

Order Book /Trade Book / Activity Log: Checking/Modifying /Canceling Orders
  1. Where can I check the status of my pending orders?
    You may check the status of the orders placed by you by clicking on the link - Order Book or click on F3 tab in your keyboard.
    By default, you will be displayed a screen showing you the orders that are in Pending status
    You may choose to view orders according to Exchange (NSE, BSE, FONSE), actions (Buy/Sell),OrderStatus (Pending, Traded, Modified), product type (Intraday/Delivery) etc.
  2. How can I Modify orders that I had placed earlier during the day?
    Please click on the link - Order Book
    To modify a particular order that you had placed during the day, please click on the circular radio button adjacent to the name of the scrip as shown below

    A new Modify Order form will open up. Here, you may set the new order Quantity and/or Price and then click on Modify button. Once this is done a confirmation message will be displayed on the pop up screen.
  3. How do I cancel a particular Order that I had placed earlier during the day?
    To Cancel/Delete an order which has not been traded on the exchange, click on the Tick box next to the name of the scrip and click on the Cancel button as shown below. A small pop-up box will open up asking you for your cancel order confirmation. Please click on ok.

    Once this is done, the page will refresh automatically and your cancelled orders will get deleted from the page view. You can cancel all the pending orders by selecting Cancel All
  4. Where can I see all those orders that have got traded during the day?
    You may view all the traded orders of the day by clicking on the link Trade Book or alternatively by pressing F8 key

    On clicking the Trade book link, a page showing you all the successfully traded orders will be shown.
  5. Where can I see all the details of all my activity during the day?
    You can view the entire activity by clicking on the ActivitY  log. This will show you details of the entire set of activities performed by you with information on all types of orders (be it Executed, Modified, Cancelled, Rejected, In process) along with the relevant messages.

Net Positions: Squaring off/Converting Trades
  1. Where can I check my Net positions?
    To view your net positions, please click on the link - Net position.
    The Net Position screen displays all your open positions. With the Net Position Screen, you may view your positions categorized by Exchanges, Segments (Equity/Derivatives), Action (Buy/Sell) and Intraday/ Delivery as the case may be. You may also view your brought Forward, Day’s positions and Carry Forward Positions.

    On clicking the link, you will be led to a screen as shown below

  2. How can I square off my open positions?
    You may square off your open positions in any scrip using the Net Positions screen. To square off your positions, just click on the radio button adjacent to the Symbol of the scrip. A new square off form will open up as shown below.

    You may click on the tab Get Best Price to get the best available price at that moment. Alternatively you may set the price you desire or enter zero to square off at market price.
    Please note that you can square off partial or full quantity but not more than the Net Quantity. Click on the tab Square Off.
    You will be shown a pop up where you will have to click on Ok

    Once this is done, the moment your trade price matches the Market price, the trade will get squared off and this will get reflected on the Net position screen. Depending on whether you square off partial quantities or fully, the Net Position and Net Quantity will get updated.

    Note: You can square off trades until 3:10 pm, post which time you will not be allowed to place fresh Intraday orders. However, you may square off your Delivery Positions till the market closes. The square off timing mentioned above is subject to change with prior intimation to Clients on the website.
  3. How do I convert an Intraday order to a delivery order and vice versa?
    To convert an Intraday order to a Delivery Order, please follow the steps mentioned below:
    Click on the link-Net Position Report.

    You will be led to a screen as shown below displaying the names of the scrips that you had bought earlier in the day.
    In the case shown below, lets assume you had bought 200 shares of IFCI in an intraday transaction.

    To convert this to a delivery trade, please click on the name of the Scrip say IFCI. A new window will open up as shown below

    Under the dropdown Product, choose the option Delivery and click on Change.
    Once this is done, a confirmation message will be displayed. Similarly, you may change a Delivery trade to an intraday trade.
    Note: You can convert Intraday orders into Delivery and vice versa until 3:10 pm only, post which time you will not be allowed to do so. The timing mentioned above is subject to change with prior intimation to Clients on the website.


  1. What is meant by POA stocks, Free Stocks and FNO Pledged Stocks?
    The DP screens will show you the holdings in your Demat account. To view your DP holdings, click on the tab- DP.

    POA Stocks:
    These are stocks in your DP Account with us on which you have given a POA to Motilal Oswal for operational purposes. You will be given margins on these stocks after applying the specified haircuts.
    Free Stocks:
    Free stocks are those stocks (lying either in a DP account with us or any other Depository Participant as in the case of 3 in 1 accounts) on which you have not given a POA to Motilal Oswal. Since the POA for these stocks is not with us, you will not be given any margins on these stocks.
    FNO Pledged Stocks:
    Exchange regulations specify a separate margin being maintained either in Cash or Stock holdings to trade in derivatives .The FNO pledge screen will show all those stocks that are pledged with Motilal Oswal to meet exchange specified margins to trade in Derivatives.
    Normal Margin will be given on these stocks after applying a specified haircut. You may also choose to sell these stocks from the FNO pledge screen. If you want to release the stocks pledged with MOSL for any reason you may place the request to release the same from this screen
  2. How can I sell my stocks from the POA Stocks screen?
    To sell your holdings from the POA stock screen, please follow the steps mentioned below:
    Choose the option DP and then select - POA STOCK

    You will be shown a screen with all your DP holdings along with the details of the Total quantity , BNST quantity, Pending quantity, Current Market Price and haircut on each scrip.

    To sell a scrip, please click on the name of the scrip under the relevant Exchange. A sell order form will be shown.

    You may specify the quantity that you wish to sell and also set a price of your choice. Click on SUBMIT. Once this is done you will be displayed an acknowledgement of your sell order confirmation stating the name of the scrip, the quantity and the price.

    The order placed by you will also be reflected in the Order Book. Once the order gets traded, it will be shown in the Trade Book.
    The quantity remaining after placing the sell order will also get automatically reflected in the POA stock screen as shown below

  3. How do I sell stocks from FNO Pledge Stock screen?
    To sell from the FNO stock screen, please follow the steps mentioned below: Select the option - DP and then choose FNO PLEDGED STOCKS.
    You will be shown a screen as depicted below

    Click on the name of the scrip that you wish to sell under the particular Exchange.
    You will be displayed a Sell Order form as shown below.

    Kindly enter the order quantity that you wish to sell and also the price.lick on Submit.

    You will be asked for a confirmation of your order. Click on Yes, Place the Order.
    You will be shown an acknowledgement of the order.

    Immediately the FNO pledge screen will also reflect the updated quantity of shares that may be shown either in the pending quantity (if it is not traded or in the traded quantity).The available quantity will also be displayed taking the pending and the traded quantity into consideration.


Margin / Fund Transfer & Withdrawal

  1. Where can I view the details of my Margin?
    To view the details of the Margin available in your account, please follow the steps mentioned below: Click on the link - Margins.

    You will be shown a screen having the details of your margin, as shown below.

  2. What are the different banks with which funds transfer facility is available?
    If you have a bank account with any of the ones that have been mentioned below, you may seamlessly transfer funds to your trading Account through the Payment Gateway.
    1. ABN Amro
    2. Allahabad Bank
    3. AXIS Bank
    4. Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait
    5. Bank of Baroda Corporate NetBanking
    6. Bank of Baroda Retail NetBanking
    7. Bank of India
    8. Bank of Maharashtra
    9. Canara Bank
    10. Central Bank of India
    11. CITI Bank
    12. City Union Bank
    13. Corporation Bank
    14. Deutsche Bank
    15. Development Credit Bank
    16. Dhanlaxmi Bank
    17. Federal Bank Ltd
    18. HDFC BANK
    19. ICICI BANK
    20. IDBI Bank
    21. ING Vysya Bank
    22. Indian Bank
    22. Indian Overseas Bank
    23. IndusInd bank
    24. Jammu & Kashmir Bank
    25. Karnataka Bank
    26. Karur Vysya Bank
    27. Kotak Bank
    28. Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd
    29. Oriental Bank of commerce
    30. Punjab National Bank- Corporate NetBanking
    31. Punjab National Bank- Retail NetBanking
    32. Punjab & Sind Bank
    33. Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank
    34. South Indian Bank
    35. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
    36. State Bank of Hyderabad
    37. State Bank of India
    38. State Bank of Mysore
    39. State Bank of Patiala
    40. State Bank of Travancore
    42. Syndicate Bank
    43. Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank Ltd
    44. Union Bank of India
    45. United Bank of India
    46. Vijaya Bank
    47. YES Bank
  3. How do I transfer funds from my Bank to my Trading Account?
    To transfer funds from your Bank account to your Trading Account, please follow the steps mentioned below:
    Click on the link Funds. Select the option - Transfer as shown below.

    You will led to a page as shown below:

    Select the bank name from the drop down and enter the amount that you wish to transfer. Click on Submit.

    You will be led to the payment gateway of your bank where you will have to enter your Internet Banking Password and then validate your request for money transfer.
    On successful confirmation, the money transferred by you will get reflected in the Margin statement under the link Funds.
  4. How soon will the money transferred from my bank account get reflected in the Margin statement?
    Once you have successfully completed a funds transfer request from your bank, the money will get reflected instantly in your Margins screen under the link - Funds=>My Margin=>Margin Details .  
  5. How do I withdraw money from my Trading Account to my Bank account?
    To withdraw money from your Trading Account to your Bank Account, please click on the link Funds. Select the option – Withdrawal as shown below.

    You will be led to a window as shown below.

    Enter the amount that you wish to Withdraw and click on Submit.
  6. Note:- You can also call your respective Advisor or CNT desk to request for withdraw .
  7. How can I cancel a Fund withdrawal request that I had placed earlier?
    After you have placed your Fund Withdrawal request, you will be shown a message as shown below

    Please Click Here To View Report .You will be shown a window as displayed below

     Click on the link Cancel to delete your Withdrawal request. You will be asked for a final Confirmation.

    Click on Yes. Once this is done, an acknowledgement message will be displayed to you.
  8. How soon will the money get transferred back to my Bank Account?

    Time When Withdrawal Request was put in Time when Funds will be Reflected in your Bank Account
    Before 3.25 p.m. Will be processed same day
    After 3.25 p.m. Will be processed on next working day

    Clients having account in HDFC will get credit for the payout same day of process , For other clients will receive credit for payout by next working day

    Please note that these timings are subject to change and they are applicable only on trading days, which don’t fall on banking holidays.

Online Passwords & Security

  1. How do I set a password of my choice?
    Your Login password, Trade Password and User Id will be sent to your registered address along with the welcome kit by courier. This will also contain the Product Manual that will help you get started with our product. Once you have received them, you will have to change the passwords after the first login for security reasons. You will be required to set an alphanumeric password of your choice.
    Please Note: Your Login Password will expire every 15 days and you will have to set a new one each time.
  2. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
    In case you have forgotten your password, kindly click on the link - Forgot Password.

    You will be led to a screen as shown below

    On this page, enter your Login Id (User Name) and then enter your email id that you had provided to us while opening the account. Click on Submit.
    Once this is done, we will send you a new password on your email id.You may login to your account and change your password to a new one of your choice.
  3. When I login, I get the message-“Password Invalid”? What do I do?
    This message is shown when you have entered the incorrect password. Please re enter the passwords carefully since they are case sensitive.
  4. How do I change my existing Passwords?
    After logging into your account and choosing your Account Type (either Easy or Spectrum), you will be led to a page, which will have the link - File on the left hand top menu.

    Choose the option- change password . You will be led to a window as shown below

    You may specify passwords of your choice and click on Change Password.

    Please note: Passwords are case sensitive and must be a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 12 characters. The passwords must be alphanumeric.

Short Cut Keys




Buy order form


Sell order form


Order Book


Market depth


Trade Log


Margin Report

- (Minus)

To Select the Transaction Type as Sell. Means to place a sell Order

+ (Plus)

To Select the Transaction Type as Buy. Means to place a buy Order

Up arrow

In case of FONSE order this key is useful to increase the quantity by the market lot in multiple of market lot

Down Arrow

In case of FONSE order this key is useful to decrease the quantity by the market lot in multiple of market lot


To insert new scrips in the market watch


Delete Scrips from Market Watch

Delivery Plus
  1. For whom is this facility available?
    This facility is available for all online trading customers who have DP account with MOSL.

  2. Do I need to get enrolled for it?
    No. This facility is available to you. Enrollment is not required.

  3. What happens if I do not wish to opt for this scheme?
    In case you do not wish to opt for this scheme you may choose to buy stocks till your ledger balance is zero and do not utilize stock margin provided to you next day.

  4. What is Delivery Plus?
    Delivery Plus is a leveraged product that allows you to buy delivery with just 25 % upfront margin for selective stocks. The stocks which does not come under delivery plus can be purchased with 100% upfront margin

  5. Where do I see Delivery plus in MyBroker?
    Delivery Plus is going to work exactly how current delivery option works i.e. you will have to select delivery dropdown in buy/sell order form.

  6. How does Delivery Plus work?
    Just pay 25 % upfront margin for selective stocks & carry forward the position for 5 days including the transaction day. Stocks purchased under delivery plus will be eligible for margin against stocks the very next day. The balance funds needs to be paid within 5 days including the transaction day else all delivery plus open positions bought till 5 days will be squared off at the opening hours of 6th exchange working day to the tune of ledger debit.

  7. What happens to scrips which are not allowed for delivery plus?
    100 % upfront margin will be blocked.

  8. What happens if there is an MTM on the scrip purchased in Delivery Plus?
    Incase at any given point of time the M2M loss on delivery plus position is 50% of your total margin then the positions will be squared off.

  9. What will happen if I do not have Upfront Margin in cash?
    Approved stocks in your DP a/c are eligible as Upfront Margin after respective hair cut applied.

  10. Which segments can I place Delivery Plus orders in?
    Delivery Plus orders can be placed in cash segment only.

  11. Which exchanges can I place Delivery Plus orders on?
    Delivery Plus orders can be placed in both BSE & NSE segment.

  12. How do I place an order for particular scrip using Delivery Plus?
    All buy orders (F1 Key) marked as "delivery" will be considered Delivery Plus order.

  13. How do I know Delivery Plus approved scrip?
    All scrips allowed for Intraday are Delivery Plus approved scrips. It is under Back Office Report->Scrip Master -> Delivery Plus -> View Details.

  14. How long can I carry forward the debit/ outstanding amount in my account?
    You can carry forward the debit/ outstanding amount as the product suggest T + 4 wherein T stands for purchase date.

  15. What will happen if I don't square off my positions within stipulated time of Delivery Plus?
    Since Delivery Plus offers you high exposure levels of 4 times for delivery carry forward, it is necessary that you square off your open positions to cover debit ledger balance. Incase you don't square off your positions; our system will automatically square off positions to the tune of bill amount already due to be paid to the exchange for e.g.
    * Outstanding ledger balance till Wednesday will be sold on Monday.

  16. What happens to my AMO order on the day of Delivery Plus selling?
    All AMO orders will be rejected with reason "AMO rejected due to Delivery Plus RMS* selling" which can be viewed in order book.
    * RMS - Risk Management System .

  17. Will I be allowed delivery buying on Delivery Plus square off day?
    Only delivery selling will be allowed since delivery buying will be blocked for the whole day.

  18. Will I be allowed to buy/sell for intraday on Delivery Plus square off day?
    Yes, intraday buying/selling will be allowed which will be squared off at 3.10 pm.

  19. How do I avoid Delivery Plus Selling?
    On 5th day (T + 4) you need to square off open positions before market close or bring in funds till 6 pm .

  20. Is there any interest component attached to Delivery Plus?
    Yes, interest will be @ 19 % per annum after T + 2. For e.g. If bought on Monday (T) then interest will start from Thursday (T+3) Where T stands for purchase date.

  21. Can I sell 100% shares on the next day, bought on previous day under Delivery Plus?
    Yes, you are allowed to sell stock on next day but the risk of auction is to be borne by client and MOSL don't guarantee any pay-in obligation arising out of such transaction.

  22. Can I sell the shares by using BNST facility previously bought under Delivery Plus?
    No, Shares bought under Delivery Plus cannot be sold as BNST. Once the stocks are purchased for delivery they will not be shown in BNST or Non BNST column but will be shown in FNO pledge report available in DP option so need to sell from this report. Alternatively use F2 key order form by choosing "Delivery" under "Trf Acc" & "Beneficiary" under "Delivery".

  23. What happens to my BNST option in order form?
    The BNST option will be visible in order form but will give error "client doesn't have sufficient quantity to square off".

  24. What happens for transaction done in Intraday product?
    It remains the same with 20 % upfront margin & all transactions if not squared off by you whether buy or sell will be squared off at 3.10 pm on the same day.

  25. Can I convert trade form intraday to delivery and vice-versa?
    Yes, on the same day of transaction till 3.10 pm.

  26. Can I withdraw funds if Delivery Plus stock value is more than clear funds?
    At end of trading session, if Delivery Plus stock value bought on that particular day is more than clear funds such request will be rejected by RMS department.